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Projects: Residental

Our Bussiness includes many residental  projects :

Structures and    Sill Work-Foundation

 Old Time  Restoration  goes through a check list of evaluation of the clients post and beams structures then proceed with the best case scenarios which include :

  •  evaluate your post and beam structure, will design a repair/will provide a engineer stamp as needed
  •  support your building thru out the project without any damage to your building
  • removable of  all sills and repair your foundation and then install new pressure treated timbers under your building
  • work and repaired many different problems using timbers or LVL  engineer lumber to repair any problem 
  • pull any building together and replace any damage truss or roof rafter systems
  • dig out your crawl space and install damage-interior concrete floors-repair post supports
  • re-point stone  and brick foundations
  • Waterproof foundations to keep the structure dry and damp free environment 

Roof and Roof Construction 

If it is an gable roof , hip roof, flat roof, or a pyramid roof  Old Time Restoration does it all. 

  •  With the use of various shingles  and roofing materials we let our customers decide 
  • Various  metal roofs , slate roofs , Architectural shingles and rubber flat roofs. 
  • W.R Grace Ice and water shield thru out our roofs to prevent any ice or wind driven rain for enterinr your home
  • ill replace your damaged chimney flashing  and install copper flashing
  • Custom bent copper ice belts to stop ice dam problems
  • OSHA  compliance from 6' to 200' off the ground 



We provide
  •  complete design service one on one with the building owners to insure the owners get what then what,
  •  we believe in listening to our clients and then building there dreams to last for a lifetime of happiness
  •  provide complete site work-foundation-frame-finish and we handle all subs to provide a start to finish addition

 Carpentry and Painting 

Old Time Restoration  provides the quality wanted by client.  Providing the best quality is not a goal , is an expectation which is taken highly through out the company.  Old Time Restoration is following R.R.P. Firm , dealing of the possible dangers  of lead in older buildings.  

Old Time Restoration  works to provided the best in :
  • all kinds of repairs to siding-trim-areas on new homes were water enters thru door flashing
  • provides all type of carpentry  from Harvey replacement windows
  •  exterior work from wood siding , cedar shakes and vinyl-siding to keep your old building maintenance free
  •  all kinds of exterior painting using the best materials and paint
  • Thorough  compensation of the strict paint laws while conducting  prepp work with the best clean up nightly, 
  • caulk around all door/window trim and 
  • repair clapboards prior to painting
  • our paint selection process is unique to only our company
  • the quality of the paint is major choice on our companies behalf
  • The use of Sherwin William Duration , Benjamin Moore 
  • Heights are No Problem For Us -Guaranteed
  • Our skills at heights make for a lower cost during the project thanks to our 30 years of experience 
  • The job gets done the 1st time 

Our Quality Speaks For It's Self 

The Quality is the major aspect of our company , as a family we love and as a company we love our work. This is reflected in the beautiful workmanship and craftsmanship that is partaken in our recent projects.

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